1994                                  Brooklyn College, Brooklyn NY                                           MFA in Painting

1990                                  School of Visual Arts, NYC NY                                             BFA in Illustration & Design


Selected Group Exhibitions


2014                                  Pacific Art League, Palo Alto CA                                          Landscapes & Urbanscapes (juried painting exhibit)

2014                                  Anne & Mark's Art Party, San Jose CA                                Silicon Valley Art Show
2012                                  Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara CA                               Statewide Painting Competition (juried painting exhibit)

2012                                  Art Object Gallery, San Jose CA                                           Momentum 2012 (SVAC group exhibit)

2011                                  Firehouse Gallery, Berkely CA                                             Momentum 2011 (SVAC group exhibit)

2011                                  Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto CA                                     Contemporary Still-life (4 person exhibit)

2010 - 11                           ARC Gallery, San Francisco CA                                            Dollhouse Show (juried exhibit)

2010                                  Axis Art Gallery, San Jose CA                                                Inaugural Show (featured artist)

2010                                  Pacific Art League, Palo Alto CA                                          Painting Only (juried painting exhibit)

2010                                  Pacific Art League, Palo Alto CA                                          Figures & Faces (juried painting exhibit)

2010                                  Art Object Gallery, San Jose CA                                           Momentum 2010 (SVAC group exhibit)

2009                                  Kaleid Gallery, San Jose CA                                                  San Jose Artists Collection

2008                                  Lana Santerelli Gallery, New York NY                                Summer Nudes (juried exhibit)

2007                                  440 Gallery, Brooklyn NY                                                     Small Works Show (juried exhibit)

2006                                  Redhook Gallery, Brooklyn NY                                            Annual BWAC Show

2005                                  Redhook Gallery, Brooklyn NY                                            BWAC Water Show

2004                                  Feral Art Gallery, Brooklyn NY                                             Surrealist Show (juried exhibit)

1994                                  Tribeca 148 Gallery, New York NY                                      MFA Show (two person exhibit)

1993                                  Hunter College Gallery, New York NY                                CAA Showcase

1992                                  Right Bank Gallery, Brooklyn NY                                         Brooklyn Artists Show

1991                                  Synchronicity Space, New York NY                                     A Curator’s Choice Exhibition


Professional Experience


National Park Service                                                    Exhibit and Publication Illustrations

InterGovernmental Philatelic Corporation                International Postage Stamp Illustrations

Exhibit A Design Group                                                 Exhibit Illustrations

New York Times Book Review                                      Editorial Illustrations

Communication House/ Koch Music Inc.                   CD Illustrations

Graphic Production and Design

Spring Design, Anthem, Pearlfisher, CBX, Sterling Design, LAGA, The Coleman Group, FutureBrand, etc.



2009 Center for Cultural Inovation Encouragement Grant


Collections & Commissions

Numerous sold and commissioned work in private collections throughout the United States.